About Mighty Fine Guitars

Looking for a classy little joint that's absolutely chock-full of really top-shelf acoustic guitars? Mighty Fine Guitars just might be the place for you. Stevie Coyle’s long-time fantasy is now a real shop in the San Francisco East Bay. It’s a place to fall in love with truly fabulous instruments.

The Guitars
This is the good stuff ... the really good stuff. Represented here have been new and used instruments by Ryan, Wingert, Perlman, Bourgeois, Klein, Kauffman, Sexauer, Goodall, Greven, Knutson, Klepper, Kramer, Dunn, Corcoran, Rodman, Yamamoto, Collings, Santa Cruz, Martin, How, Nashwood, Wildcard, Tenev, Santer, Froggy Bottom, Fleishman, Gibson, Lakewood, Sholer, de Jonge, Leach, Maccaferri, Mello, Hoffman, Maton, Solomon, Hamblin, Gurian, Oahu, Fylde, Breedlove, Bear, Propsom, Freeborn, McGill, McPherson, Gilbert, Schoenberg, Lowden, Hamblin, Flammang, Gallagher, J. Walker, Rickenbacher, Givens, Cornerstone, McKnight, Ken Franklin, Franklin (Kukich), DeLapp, PSR, Woolson, Northwood, JOI, National, Ted Thompson, Truncale, Datlen, Heinonen, Carruth, Rainsong, Journey, Mervyn Davis,  and CFox. You get the idea. Check out the current inventory.

Acoustic guitar lessons are offered, both onsite and online – via Skype and FaceTime. Beginners are hugely welcome. Fingerstyle is a specialty. Please contact Stevie for more info.

House concert-style concerts are held in The Big Room, a lovely-looking and great-sounding 85-seat venue immediately adjacent to MFG, in Stevie’s niece’s shop, Lamorinda Music, which sells just about everything but high-end guitars. Past and scheduled performers include Vicki Genfan, Alex de Grassi, Laurence Juber, Thom Bresh, Ed Gerhard, Peter Lang, Adrian Legg, Nina Gerber, Chris Webster, Peppino D’Agostino, Gurf Morlix, Ray Bonneville, Jack Williams, Noctambule, Kathy Kallick, George Worthmore, Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum, Rory McNamara, Henry Nagle, Chris Proctor, Daniel Levitin, Rick Ruskin, Mark Goldenberg, Eric Skye, Todd Hallawell, Robin Kessinger, Jamie Stillway, Debashish Battacharya, Clive Carroll, Michael Manring, Adam Miller, David Grier, Scott Nygaard, Sharon Gilchrist, John Maxwell, John Reischman & The Jaybirds, Tony Marcus, Patrice Haan, Tim Sparks, Teja Gerken, Doug Young, Bill Mize, Wayne Henderson, Roy Zimmerman, Jim Hurley, Teresa Tudury, Diego (El Twanguero) Garcia, Larry Carlin, Claudia Hampe, Jim Nunally, Nell Robinson, Michael Chapdelaine, Ryan Ayers, Giacomo Fiore, Houston Jones, Walter Strauss, Joe Craven, Mamadou Sidibe, Doc Elmo, Ken Bonfield, Steve Davison, Peter Janson, Jeni & Billy, Kinloch Nelson, Paul Asbell, Mike Compton, John Doyle, Richard Smith, Mike Dowling, Ray Bonneville, Fran Guidry, Jody Stecher, Eric Thompson, Maneli Jamal, Dan Crary, Bill Evans, Steve Spurgin, Toulouse Engelhardt, Marla Fibish, Bruce Victor, Mark Hanson, Jordan Tice, Mike Witcher, Catfish Keith, Doug Adamz, Mark Lemaire, Barry "The Fish" Melton, Lowell "Banana" Levenger, Garrin Benfield, Roy Book Binder, and Andy Irvine. See the concerts page for upcoming shows and announcements.

85 Lafayette Circle
Lafayette, CA 94549

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Sunday:         CLOSED
Monday:        CLOSED
Tuesday:       Open for scheduled lessons only
Wednesday:  10:00 - 6:00
Thursday:      10:00 - 6:00
Friday:           10:00 - 6:00
Saturday:      10:00 - 5:00