New Facebook webcasts from MFG

Howdy, All -

I've started a series of weekly webcasts from MFG that you can tune in to on The Facebooks. Every Friday at noon PDT, hang virtual ten on over to the  MFG FB page and join me and my guests while we geek out big-time over some of the world's finest hand-built acoustic guitars. It's interactive, so just type in your questions and comments and Shegor, Mistress of the Machines will shout them out to me and my guests and we'll do our best to respond. These webcasts will usually run for an hour or so, so pack a lunch and come on by. I'll be glad to demo guitars for you, too, of course, so feel free to check out the inventory and see if there's anything there of particular interest.

This week's special guest is Benny Rodriguez of BJR Guitars. Benny is a former Tom Anderson apprentice and is now a major-dude luthier and repairman in his own right. Fascinating cat. Stop on by.

Hope to see you Friday!