Fujii "Jazz Nylon" crossover classical

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Fujii "Jazz Nylon" crossover classical

  • Model: Kohei Fujii Guitars Jazz Nylon Model

  • Top: Lutz Spruce

  • Rosetta: Ebony, King-wood, African padauk, Spoiled Tamarindo, and Rose wood

  • Top Bracing: 7x7 Latticed bracing using Balsa and Carbon-fiber Epoxy composite

  • B&S: King Wood and Yellow ceder using Epoxy laminate. This material is also called Camatillo RW.

  • Neck: 3-piece Spanish Ceder with a Carbon fiber re-enforcement

  • Neck to body Joint: Mortise with two wood dowels for permanent joint

  • Neck head Joint: Traditional Vee joint

  • Head veneer: Ebony

  • Head design: Kohei's signature curved square slotted head design

  • Fingerboard: African Blackwood

  • String Scale: 650mm

  • Fingerboard profile: 48mm at Nut and 60mm at 12F-joint

  • Nut and Saddle: Bone

  • Tuning Machines: Black Schertler with Ebony knobs

  • Binding: Ebony

  • Armrest: Black died Maple

  • Cutaway: Florentine, with scrolled edge. This is a Taku-Sakashita signature design

  • Bridge: Brazilian RW with symmetrical 12-holes design (Please see attached photo)

  • Strings: D'addario Pro-Arte EJ44

  • Case: Gator GC-CLASSIC 

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